Pastoral Philosophy

L.I.G.H.T: A servant philosophy that empowers Kwanglim Church to shine in the world


A community that loves God and neighbor through positive faith

The attitude of positive faith is defined by open hearts. God dwells in open hearts. Worship with open hearts is the pinnacle of faith that enables us to encounter God, as well as the confession of true love. Our experience of worship leads us to positive attitudes toward our neighbors. When we experience worship filled with God’s presence, we live a life of care and service to our neighbors.


A community that prepares for a creative future with spiritual abundance

Faith gives us spiritual abundance, and abundance allows us to experience something new. Furthermore, abundance leads to preparation, investment, support, and creation for the next generation. That is, it puts forward a creative paradigm for cultural and educational missions through the dynamic interaction of Gospel, church, and culture.


A community that matures in faith through a life of commitment

A committed life is what makes the Word present in our lives. The congregation should foster their spiritual growth and maturity through Bible study and discipline of faith. Furthermore, a commitment to spiritual fellowship in such groups as class meeting and mission enables us to grow and mature in faith and to live a life of holiness.


A community that experiences healing by sharing love

Sharing love allows us to experience healing through inner connections. It empowers us to heal each of our minds, lives, and relationships, and to move us forward toward a better, healthier life. Not only does a mature community experience God’s presence in their lives, it also carries out its calling to be a community of social holiness that heals social wounds.


A community that transforms the world through unified obedience

Unified oneness denotes Christ-centrism, and obedience indicates the orientation of a self-sacrificial life. The faithful confession of the immutable truth and the life of obedience to it will bring forth works that change the world. Moreover, it enables us to prepare for the era of Korean reunification and to live a life as a true disciple of Christ who brings the world mission into completion.